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Looking for mental health services? Wellness Counseling has mental health services that offers both individual and group therapy in Southgate MI. Our experienced therapists specialize in a variety of therapeutic mental health services and offer referrals to local resources to assist in the process of healing while educating the individual along the way. Our mental health services are ready to provide behavioral health services for teens and adults. Our mental health services goal is to treat each person on an individual basis and assist each person to find recovery, relief and freedom. Wellness Counseling’s mental health services is where change happens.

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Specialized Approaches

Types of Therapy

Wellness Counseling is focused on providing behavioral health services and counseling for children, teens, and adults, in a warm and inviting atmosphere. We offer individual, family, and group therapy.


Coaches help you identify future goals and provide assistance in maximizing your potential.


Eliminate harmful thinking or behavior patterns and replace them with more effective strategies.

Behavioral Therapy

Helping those with mental health disorders identify and change self-destructive or unhealthy behaviors.

Art Therapy

Encouraging self-expression through art to foster self-awareness, reduce anxiety, and improve cognitive function.

Talk Therapy

A safe space to discuss feelings and emotions to help identify stressors and develop strategies to improve wellbeing.

Take the first step to improving your mental health.

Take the first step to improving your mental health.

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